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Colonic Irrigation

I’m here to help you take your health and the experience of being in your body to a new level.
— Tim Farrow, NMT

  • Cleanses the organ that assimilates all your liquid
  • Gently washes toxins and accumulated fecal matter, mucus and pathogens from this vital organ
  • Retrains your body to awaken your peristaltic movement — which means you will have regularity in your bowel movements you may not have had in years!
  • It has been said that aging begins in the colon, so this is perhaps the greatest tool to help you arrest and reverse the aging process

The colon (large intestine) is the last stop in the digestive process. This is the organ that ends up with all of the residue from the food you eat. It is also the organ that absorbs all your liquid through its walls. What’s wrong with this picture?

Most people’s colons hold years of accumulated toxins and waste matter. This means that every time you drink, you re-toxify your whole body. This is known as auto-toxification, and is the reason we age at the rate that most people do.

The Rise in Colon Cancer is Avoidable

Colon cancer is now the number three cause of death in this county, up from way down on the list in recent years. Not only is this accumulation of waste matter a leading cause of colon cancer, it is also a contributor to all cancers.

The average person carries many pounds of fecal matter in his or her colon. As this accumulates, it hardens and stratifies and compacts.

This is the reason that many people find it hard to get results from herbal laxatives and other colon cleanse products. This also the reason that many people have such sluggish peristaltic movement. In other words, people are not eliminating frequently enough and having very little come out when they do have bowel movements. This is a huge problem!

We should have 2-3 bowel movements a day. Colonic irrigation and enemas are the way to restore your body’s natural ability to eliminate fecal waste and restore healthy peristaltic movement.

The cleaner you get your colon, the better it will work. If you restore its proper functioning by cleansing it, you will feel years younger and will age at a reduced rate. You will also feel fantastic!

The news that you carry years of fecal matter in your colon is actually good news. This means that if you cleanse the colon you may be able to avoid cancers and won’t have to worry about the ravages of old age! So it ‘s only gross if it stays in!

You may have no idea how much better you can feel when you start to cleanse the colon out. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself how much better you can feel, and how much slower you can age. You may even be able to age in reverse, as I and many other people have been able to do!