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Massage Therapy

Life is so much better when you feel good.
— Tim Farrow, NMT

  • One of the most powerful, healing modalities to affect quick change in your body
  • Relieves tension from every area of your body
  • Relaxes you and gives you a peaceful feeling from head to toe
  • Removes knots, scar tissue and the residual effects of a stressful life
  • Lengthens and softens all your muscles
  • Removes lactic acid and waste products from your muscles and tissues
  • Drains your lymphatic system of accumulated toxins

I am a certified neuromuscular therapist, and graduated from Atlanta School of Massage in 1999. As an athlete myself, I appreciate and can deliver deep-tissue massage. I also do trigger-point therapy which removes knots and banding in your muscles.

Muscles Need to Relax and Repair

One definition of stress is a muscle held in partial contraction for long periods, which shortens and stiffens the muscle. Your body’s attempt to keep the muscle from pulling you out of alignment — and putting pressure on the ligaments and tendons — results in scar tissue wrapping the muscle to stabilize the situation. Muscles that should be flat get banded, or wrapped with scar tissue. The scar tissue hardens over time, which results in the knots we know so well.

It also can result in a gravel-like formation in the muscle tissue. You can hear the sound of the therapist working muscles with this formation as a clicking as he or she manipulates them. These knots, if left in your muscles, will do nothing but get harder and harder.

Scar tissue is your body’s way of stabilizing and adapting to your stressful lifestyle. It is meant to be a temporary fix.

Removing these knots and gravel-like formations will fix problems like a perpetually stiff neck or tight shoulders, low-back pain, etc. Massage is not a luxury!

Massage Also Clears Toxins from Lymph System

Your lymphatic system is your body’s other circulatory system. It has no direct pump, like your vascular (blood) system. It therefore relies on muscle movement to push it along. This is one reason why exercise is so important to your health. The lymphatic system is your body’s waste disposal system. When this is allowed to get slugs by inactivity, and overloaded with toxins, you feel tired, irritated and maybe even nauseous. Lymphatic drainage massage can push these toxins along, relieving your symptoms of overload.

Most of my massage sessions include many different types of massage in one. I want to give you what you need and am not restricted to any one style.