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Reiki Healing

Tap into the amazing universal life energy that it all around us, and begin a new adventure.
— Tim Farrow, NMT

  • Awaken your body’s healing energy
  • Remove blockages and barriers to your energetic well-being
  • Increase you chi, or life force
  • Re-unite yourself with your intuitive center
  • Channel the universal healing energy to your trouble spots

Reiki is a channeling or concentrating of the life force to areas that need healing. The work Reiki is a Japanese term from the words “rei”, which means focusing or directing, and “ki” which means the life force, known to the chinese as “chi”, to Egytians as “qu”, and in yoga tradition it is known as “prana”.

A Reiki practitioner is guided by intuition, awakened by the Reiki energy, to direct the ki in whatever way he or she is guided.

Reiki healing can take many forms, and is unlimited in its potential to facilitate healing. Sometimes the practitioner touches your body, and sometimes not. Reiki can also be given remotely. As a Level III, or Master Level practitioner, I am also able to pass attunements. This enables a person to give, or channel, the Reiki energy to themselves and others.

Tap into the amazing universal life energy that is all around us, and be healed and energized!