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Yoga Instruction

It is the stopping of your restless thoughts that will give you the peace and bliss of soul contact.
— Tim Farrow, NMT

  • Raja Yoga — pranayama, meditation and interiorization
  • Hath Yoga — asanas, or poses designed to loosen and relax you
  • Strengthen and stimulate your whole body
  • Re-connect to your center and awaken your body awareness
  • Open the pathways for divine healing to flow

I teach a traditional approach to Hatha Yoga. Today, yoga is often practiced as a flow from one pose (asana) to another with no break in between. Traditional Hath Yoga was practiced much more slowly and deeply.

I practice and teach breathing into the poses — instead of from one to another — taking you deeper into the pose. Hatha Yoga will restore suppleness to your joints and connective tissue. Stiffness and inflexibility can be alleviated, making you feel much more youthful and invigorated. Aches and pains that have been long-standing in your body can disappear, never to return!

You will be able to sit, or do anything for longer periods in much more comfort and ease. This system was developed in ancient Indie many centuries ago, to allow yogis to sit for long periods in meditation. It was also used to prolong youth and vigor.

How Yoga Supports Deeper Meditation

Raja Yoga, or royal yoga, is the way to connect with your inner knowing and with the divine. This is accomplished in several ways. One is though pranayama, or life force control. “Prana” means the life force or energy that is all around us and that we live off of. “Yama” means control. Many people believe that pranayamas are breathing exercises. Actually, pranayama is a way to control and direct the life force.

Breathing is involved, but is not the only operative. Meditation is something many people feel they would like to explore. Somehow we know that there is much to gain by going within. Pratyahara is the sanscrit word for interiorization, and is the first state we want to reach in meditation.

Many of us who have tried to meditate have been unsuccessful at stilling the mind and stopping the restless thoughts. Meditation is very important to your sense of well-being and peace.

It also connects you to spirit. I think of it as prayer in reverse. The problem is we don’t know how to stop the “monkey mind” from its restless wonderings.

I teach a system that will allow you to meditate easily. Meditation is not what you think! It is a stopping of your restless thoughts that will give you the peace and bliss of soul contact. Together we will remove the barriers to your superconscious.